Our Mission

Ayana Tomeka designs apparel and accessories for the grungy, sexy, intellectual. We celebrate the underbelly and elite worlds of art & fashion. We elevate what is considered gritty street art and streetwear with a hybridization of contemporary art and higher end fashion influences. The end result is a poetic collection that appeals to the creative woman. You are women, emerging or established, in need of cool, casual clothing that look more cool than casual with a fit that’s effortless. Our commitment is to meet this need by delivering artistic originality, impeccable quality and innovative customer service.

Designer Bio

My fashion copywriting career and artistic background inspired me to start a clothing company. Within the creative confines of a photography studio, I studied dresses, shoes, handbags, etc., to adequately tell their story. Along the way, I fell in love with the designers’ choices in fabric, print, and silhouette. But, it wasn’t enough to write about it. I wanted a different life. I wanted to evolve into an entrepreneur, add more beauty to the world and tell my story. So, what’s my story? I'm a self-taught artist & designer raised in Chicago and a lifelong resident of Hyde Park. The neighborhood’s new bohemian vibe inspired me to remix a graffiti-laced style I've coined "grungy, sexy, intellectual." During my shopping excursions I noticed that this style wasn’t represented in many of the boutiques or department stores I frequented. It was a gap in the market that I knew I could fill with my philosophy of street-art meets high-fashion. The artist, the student, the rebel with a cause, that's who I design for. I design for women like me in pursuit of revolution who want bold fashion that ignites their individual swag.











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Ayana Tomeka's SS '14 collection debuted at the RAW Artists Chicago Presents Revolution Showcase where Ayana presented as a featured designer.



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