Yogi Yani: The Secret January 9, 2014 13:00

Repetitive positive thinking is a spiritual practice of mine. During the rigors of day-to-day life, this can be a challenge. So, I arm myself with spiritual tools like "The Secret." I believe wholeheartedly in the law of attraction. We become what we think about. We manifest the people, opportunities and events that can change our lives. Choose your thoughts wisely. Move in faith. Feel good in the process. Find the full length video of The Secret and you will be amazed! I hope this video helps. xo

Blog written by Ayana Tomeka.

The Power of The Written Word October 29, 2013 17:00

"Turn off the t.v. and read. Read lots of books, all sorts of books- poetry and fiction, books about Africa, the Middle East, American history, individuals who have done great things and terrible things, the environment, women around the world. Then find people with whom to discuss the new and startling ideas that begin to percolate in your brain. Who knows what will happen next? You might find yourself at a demonstration or running for the school board. You might start to like someone who always seemed weird before. You might save a street or a salt marsh or a person. All because of a book."
Katha Pollitt (poet, essayist and critic).

Yogi Yani: Positivity Is Power July 12, 2012 00:00

Life's trials and tribulations can easily spiral us into negative thoughts and actions if we don't protect our power. Positivity is power. A daily practice of mine is to honor this power every morning by reading the two texts above: The I-Ching and Daily Word.

By doing both, I remind myself that all dark times are temporary. They are a part of the ebb & flow of life. If I can rock with the good times... I can definitely roll with the bad. I encourage every one to take time everyday to focus on positivity. We are what we think and we attract like-minded souls.

Be Peace. Be Love. xoxoxo

Blog written by Ayana Tomeka.



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