6 Pros/Cons To Living Without A T.V. For One Year February 7, 2014 15:00

* Pro: Cost-savings. Sixty dollars may not sound like a lot but in 12 months I’ve saved over $700! I live very simply and have applied half of the money saved to groceries and the electric/heating bill which has been pretty brutal during this “Polar Vortex” winter.

*Pro: I’m reading more. Books, blogs and online journals, there is a variety of information available here that’s not on television.  The positive effects of reading has improved my vocabulary and cured my two-year writing slump.

*Pro:  I’m more active and productive. I spend half of my former boob-tube time exercising in the gym. My energy levels have improved and my jeans are lookin’ right. Lool. My creative art and fashion projects have flourished.  I’ve also purged & packed an apartment that I’ve lived in for nearly 11 years.  That was a big undertaking but I feel lighter/freer and ready to move forward when the time comes.

*Con:  Ignorance is not so bliss. I never realized before how much I relied on television for local, national and international news.  Before I could turn the t.v. to the news channel for a few hours and digest the daily stories while I cooked dinner. I admit, when I’m online I seek feel-good stories about culture, DIY beauty/health tips, or specific information to write a blog.

*Con: Weatherman, weatherman, wherefore art thou? Cue “The Absent-Minded Professor” theme music here. I can easily search the web for this information but it’s last on my daily to-do list and I just never remember. I rely on my window and co-workers for the weather report which is actually kind of fun unless a foot of snow is headed my way.

*Con:  Sports & Award Shows… I miss thee. I’m a big football and basketball fan. I rep Chicago hard and this is the first time in over a decade that I’ve missed both seasons. Thankfully, I was able to catch the Super Bowl via livestream. But I wasn’t so fortunate with the Grammy’s or Golden Globes. 

Overall, I’ll take the pros over the cons. I’m healthier. I’m reading and writing more than ever. I’ve padded my art portfolio and realized a dream in becoming a fashion designer all while putting some money back in my pocket.  Win, win, win!

Blog written by Ayana Tomeka.



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