DNC 2012 September 4, 2012 12:00

The comicon of politics es upon us. It's convention season baby! As a democrat, I'm stoked for the blue festivities in Charlotte, NC this week. I voted for the Obama/Biden ticket in 2008 and they will receive my vote again this year.

Critics chastise the Obama administration for slow job growth as well as our continued U.S. military presence in Afghanistan. We are still at war, a war that was never the answer and the only question it served was "why?" Touted as "Vietghanistan" for the thousands of lives lost as well as the trillion dollars spent funding it, my only questions are: why can't we begin the exit strategy prior to 2013 and why will it take an additional year to officially end the war in 2014? It didn't take two years to begin this war.

Likewise, I agree that focus on jobs should've been a main priority (prior to an election year). If anyone knows me, they know I've been advocating jobs creation for years because it directly impacts the people. If the everyday American cannot find employment then s/he loses hope in the system. They lose hope in the dream. Capitalism es not a viable entity when faced with low consumer morale. When was the last time you bought anything outside of your needs when you were unemployed?

These two issues are the legs of the republican platform. While valid, the Obama/Biden adminstration has worked feverishly and earned major legislative wins for the American people such as: healthcare, education and financial regulatory reforms, DADT repeal and the DREAM Act. With a record like this, I'd love to see what President Obama can do with another four years.

Blog written by Ayana Tomeka.



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