Artist Spotlight: Genevieve DeMarco March 30, 2015 17:55 1 Comment

Artist Genevieve DeMarco woos art-lovers with raw talent, appreciation of the craft and a Louisiana swag that’s all her own. As a collector of her work, I can honestly say that I fell in love with DeMarco’s emotive pieces upon first sight. Vivid color, graffiti script and demonstrative expression lend her paintings a sense of ornate abstraction.

Building momentum since 2012, DeMarco has appeared in multiple solo and group exhibitions including: “The Gorgeous Earthquake,” “Sensory Overload Art Exhibit” at City Arts Factory, featured artist at the “Master Class Event,” “City Arts Gallery Collage Show” plus a group showing as the member of the art collective “The Solution.” I recently caught up with the Orlando-based painter as she prepares for upcoming events and aims for a breakout year.

Q: I’ve been following your work for nearly a year now. Love your aesthetic. How long have you been painting and what inspires you to create?Q: I’ve been following your work for nearly a year now. Love your aesthetic. How long have you been painting and what inspires you to create?

A: I've been painting since January 2012. I've always loved drawing and creating so I finally purchased a paint set and I've been painting ever since.

My inspiration to paint is life, I guess. I really don't need inspiration to paint. Like, ask a six year old what inspires him to play with his toys… he’ll tell you he doesn't know it’s just fun. That’s how I see my creative process. I paint if I’m happy, mad or sad. I feel like if I had to wait for inspiration to paint then what would I do when nothing inspires me? So, it’s never a certain emotion, situation, or person that inspires me. Creation comes automatic for me.

Q: I don’t like to classify artists to fit them into a box but more to relate their work to a broader perspective. With that said, do you consider yourself an abstract expressionist? If so, what do you feel this genre offers that realism art does not?

A: I classify my art as neo-expressionism. I love the time period of Neue Wilde and Neo- expressionism offers more freedom than realism, I think. I love realism though. I appreciate the skill and the discipline it takes. I'm actually at a time in life where I'm really into realism and neoclassical art. I mean, I only see myself creating expressionism but I guess it’s like music artists. Even if I’m a rapper, I can still love Cab Calloway or Faith Hill.

Q: I can’t help but notice a few influences of Basquiat in your work. Is he one of your favorites? Who are a few of your favorite contemporary artists that are killing the game right now and why?

A: Yes, he is one of my favorites. So is Ouattara Watts, Kooning, and Jorg Immendorff. Hebru Brantley is one of my current faves. I love his work. His whole vision and career inspire me a lot. He’s the only artist I’m really following right now besides members of my group “The Solution.” Also, Brian Donnelly aka KAWS.

Q: You went to Art Basel Miami 2013, right? Did you go to sell your work, take in a few shows or both? Was this your first show? Tell me, what was that experience like?

A: I chilled in Wynwood most of the time, set up with my paintings and met people. My goal is to be the most famous neo-expressionist of my generation so I try to never miss an opportunity like this to introduce everyone to my work. You can take the republican route… you know, talk to ten rich people or take the Obama/Marley way and reach thousands who aren’t rich but are rich in spirit and appreciative of your work. I try to do both. My goal is to do both. I want to have a show in Wynwood and Miami Beach soon during Basel.

Q: If I were to walk into your studio while you were painting, what would I see? Do you have any rituals that help get you in the zone?

A: No rituals really. Some days I might have a drink before I paint. Some days I get directly out of the bed and paint. If you were to walk into my studio right now you would see like four or five works in progress, lots of house paint, my laptop playing music, bottle of Pinot and water. My studio while I’m working looks like my paintings.

Q: Describe your art in three words.

A: “Abstract” because abstract art expresses the artist’s ideas or feelings rather than show the exact appearance of people or things. “Radiant” is the second and “unconventional.”

Q: What impact do you hope to have as an artist and what’s on the horizon for Genevieve DeMarco in 2014?

A: I hope to present a style and demonstrate work ethic that will motivate generations to come. The same as how previous generations have inspired me. Sometimes you’re influenced by prior artists but don’t even notice. I want to have such an affect that you have no choice but to notice. Influence is everything because nothing really ever can be copied. They’re just the same ideas going through new minds. That’s all everything really is anyway.

For 2014, I plan on having group and solo shows and I hope to be featured in exhibitions abroad. I want to travel more, get out of the city/state and then the country. Expanding and establishing Genevieve DeMarco as a brand is the plan.

Upcoming Events:

*RAW featured artist for “The Awakening Show” on February 27th, 2014 at Ice Bar Orlando.

*Orange Gallery Group Exhibition with art collective "The Solution" on April 4th, 2014 in Orlando, FL.


Genevieve DeMarco's art is available for purchase at Big Cartel and Gallery on the Edge in Orlando, FL.


Twitter @genevievedemarc and Instagram genevievedemarc.